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Surface Cleaning

If you are tired of looking at years of buildup on the surface of your driveway, patio, and walkways, then this service is perfect for you! You can see the buildup melting away from the surface of this commercial parking lot with our process that leaves surfaces looking brand new!

Our Process

1. Pretreat Surface

We use a professional grade chemical solution to loosen up and begin working on all of the buildup on your surace, this is the first step in ensuring you have a streak free, new looking surface at the end of your service

2. High Pressure Cleaning

We use our commerical grade equipement to clean your surface effectively and efficiently. Our process will pull up years of dirt, grime, and organic buildup from the surface

3. Rinse Surace Clean

After the high pressure cleaning we ensure all the dirt and debris that has been loosened up is removed from the surface entirely, leaving your concrete looking brand new

4. Post Treat

We use a professional grade post treatment to brighten the surface of your concrete and ensure that the organic removed during your cleaning will not return.

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