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Deck/Fence Cleaning

Whether you have wood, composite, or vinyl material at your home. We have the right chemicals, equipment, and experience to restore it's natural beauty. Don't let the old weathered look of wood convince you that it is time to replace.


Our Process

1. Wet Down Surface and Vegetation

2. Apply Cleaning Solution

3. Low Pressure Rinse

We know you care about your plants and grass as much as the look of our home, that is why we water all surrounding vegetation. Hydration before the application of chemicals will ensure that even if they come in contact with chemicals, it will not absorb into the plant.

Our cleaning solution is the professional recommended chemical to eliminate the buildup of dirt, algae, and debris. Not only is this the best solution for cleaning, but also for ensuring the natural color and grain of the wood is protected.

Finally we come back over every surface of your fence or deck with a low pressure rinse. This rinse has enough power to remove all of the loosened buildup, but low enough to protect the surface from damage.

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